Dan was tired of working into the night, drawing the job out for longer than necessary – so he changed to a pre-cut, pre-rebated pattressing board speeding the installation time up considerably. Is it time to change yours? SMARTPLY DRYBACKER: Let the product work harder for you.

SMARTPLY DRYBACKER is an engineered OSB3 panel incorporating a continuous recess, designed to accommodate ‘C’ shaped metal studs used in the construction of plasterboard partitions. It is tested to the relevant sections of BS5234 Part 2 demonstrating high pull-out strength.

Delivered in ready prepared modular panels, it helps to speed up installation. Its solid core means you can fix to any point between the studs to provide secure anchorage.

It offers a number of benefits, including: -

• FSC Certified Timber

• Ready Prepared Modular Panels

• CE Marked

• Zero Added Formaldehyde

• Provides A Robust Partition Structure