Fergal’s an experienced roofer who wants to keep hold of his good reputation. So he chose the ideal flame-retardant structural OSB3 panel, to get the job done properly – SMARTPLY FR: Let the product work harder for you.

SMARTPLY FR/FR BUILD OSB3 is a flame retardant panel features a Zeroignition Solution - a water based, eco-friendly, flame retardant solution that is added during panel processing. This ensures fire performance whilst maintaining structural integrity.

Manufactured in accordance to EN 300, it is the perfect choice for flat roofing applications where torch on membranes are being installed. It is moisture resistant and easy to cut and install.

SMARTPLY FR has many benefits including: -

· FSC Certified Timber

· Flame Retardancy Built-In

· Zero Added Formaldehyde

· CE Certification

· 100% Wood Based

· Sustainable